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Developed through extensive research and using the latest thinking in management and behaviour development we have created a compact and highly interactive set of courses/workshops designed to give delegates self confidence and improve personal effectiveness.

Over the last few years there has been a move towards a management style of ‘empowerment’, self managed teams – the movement of ‘control’ from the ‘leader’ to the followers. In theory this is a great idea, intended to build accountability. However in practice it really does depend on the ability of those to whom control passes. Without the right training and defined parameters it can actually lead to ‘lack of control’, lowering of standards in both quality of service and production.

So what is the alternative?

Today, more than ever, teams require ‘strong’ leadership - put simply it is those ‘leaders’ - directors/ managers/ team leaders/ supervisors who are able to inspire their teams/followers by painting a vision or picture that motivates them to achieve their individual goals. Traits of such managers would include: a strong sense of purpose, decisiveness, able to establish clear goals & expectations, and encouraging a ‘support & challenge’ environment. Strong leadership is also about building relationships and the influence a leader has on their team. All our programmes apply the principle of developing ‘strong leadership’



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Overview of programmes

Premium Leadership Programme

This programme has been specifically designed for new-to-role managers/ supervisors and for those wishing to update their management skills for the challenges that lie ahead as we come out of recession.

It is in four one day modules supporting the ‘strong leadership’ concept; a management development programme for the post recession era.

The following provides an overview of content but will be tailored to your individual requirements.

Four modules


Standard Leadership Programme

Outline: A one day programme introducing the concept of ‘leadership’ to supervisory staff. This can be bespoke to your requirements but typically the programme is broken down into three parts:

Introduction to Leadership

Self Managed development

Managing performance


Master classes

Eight behaviour development modules for managers and staff

Influencing Skills (full day)

Developing Assertiveness (half day)

Time Management (half day)

Presentation Skills (full day)

Positive Appraisals (half day)

Managing change & Uncertainty (half day)

Coaching for Results (full Day)

Absence Management (full day

The courses can be tailored specifically for your company as required. See brochure for further details.


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